Selected Film

Symphonie Fantastique

"I remember everything..." Logline: A lone wind ensemble musician photographs an ongoing performance as she's suddenly joined by a past lover. Synopsis: "Symphonie Fantastique" showcases the perspectives of two wind ensemble musicians: Soni, whose job is to photograph an ongoing performance, and Sergio, a man whom she shares a romantic history with. Soni and her thoughts occupy the space while the surreal ensues between them.

Duration: 00:18:14
Country of Origin: United States
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Duncan Analco

Writer(s): Duncan Analco

Producer(s): Duncan Analco, Shiloh Tumo Washington

Key Cast: Xochitl Lopez, Diego Mejorado, Maheen Mustain, Mia Cucufate

Other Credits: Editors: Duncan Analco; Cinematographer: Luke Hans; Sound Design: Duncan Analco; Costume Design: Kayla Brill; First Assistant Camera: Stefhanie Arreguin; Second Assitant Camera: Corey Clark; Loader: Corey Clark; First Assitant Director: Shiloh Tumo Washington; Second Assistant Director: Christian Martinez; Stage Technician: Melanie Flowers; Production Assistant: Steve Burham; Line Producer: Yari Rodriguez; Set Dresser: Olivia Rodriguez; Script Supervisor: Olivia Rodriguez; Colorist: Luke Hans; Gaffer: Grant Bohne