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Brazilian music is a black woman. It is made by the hands, mouths, ears and feelings of black women who are in the state of Goiás and narrate Black Brazilian Music. They are amefricanas, sonorous, black and centrals women celebrating blackness, being a woman and Brazilian music, based on the connection in Africa. Diasporics are black women in resistance who use their multiple musical doings as an existence tactic. Diasporics are women in afromusicals crossings who recognize themselves even though they don't know each other.

Duration: 01:10:36
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese

Director(s): Ana Clara Gomes

Writer(s): Ana Clara Gomes

Producer(s): Ana Clara Gomes

Key Cast: Érika Ribeiro, Nina Soldera, Sonia Ray, Lene Black

Other Credits: Photo direction: Mayara Varalho; Direct sound and mixing: Igor Zargov; Still photography: Mayara Varalho; Soundtrack: Igor Zargov, Ana Clara Gomes; Visual artist: Òkun; Camera: Mayara Varalho, Ana Clara Gomes; Editing: Ana Clara Gomes; Stylist: Milleide Lopes