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Unveiling the Amazonian Highlands

Between singing frogs and giant bromeliads: scientists discover new species and isolated mountains in the Amazon. “We are filling a blank page in the history of Brazilian biodiversity”, says Professor Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues, from São Paulo University, leader of the expedition to Serra do Imeri. We are at an altitude of 1,875 meters in the Serra do Imeri, an isolated mountain range in the extreme north of the Amazon. Heavy rain hits the camp almost every day, and the air humidity rarely drops below 90%.

Duration: 00:52:00
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese

Director(s): Sylvio Rocha, Gui Stockler

Writer(s): Gui Stockler

Producer(s): Sylvio Rocha

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Scientific Expedition Team: Agustín Camacho, Alexandre Reis Percequillo, Ana Paula Carmignotto, André Dib, Antoine Fouquet, Bruno Rafael Fermino, Herton Escobar, Igor Ferreira Alvarenga, José Mário Beloti Ghellere, Leandro João Carneiro de Lima Moraes, Lucia Garcez Lohmann, Luís Fábio Silveira, Miguel Trefaut Rodrigues, Paulina Chamorro, Rafaela Compostrine Forzza, Renato Sousa Recoder, Taran Grant