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The end of all things

Meridia is a girl who visits the city for the first time. On her way she meets Claudia and they both embark on one last journey towards what seems to be the end of their paths.

Duration: 00:28:35
Country of Origin: Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Xavier Gonz, Anthony Xavier

Writer(s): Xavier Gonz

Producer(s): Xavier Gonz, Dayana Rooms, Andy Pinto, Diego Stembock

Key Cast: Elys Rondón, Francyelizabeth Zerpa

Other Credits: Field Producer: Cherry Zambrano Vegas; Art: Aranxa Rivas, Sebastian Cañas; Fotography Assistant: Adriana Albornoz; Sound: Alfredo Guerrero; Soundtrack: Eduardo Jiménez