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Vanesa kicks Joaco out of her house when she discovers he cheated on her, but they keep seeing each other because they are writing a movie together. They are soon caught up in feelings of anger, fear, and victimization. Joaco becomes irascible and intolerant and Vanesa decides to do a short film to understand what caused the end of the relationship. This helps her through her anger and depression, to finally accept the separation. But something bigger about herself is revealed to her on that journey.

Duration: 01:14:00
Country of Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Guadalupe Yepes

Writer(s): Guadalupe Yepes, Vanessa Robbiano

Producer(s): Patricio Quevedo, Guadalupe Yepes

Key Cast: Gilda Scarpetta, Alejandro Catalan, Ctistina Banegas, Luis Machin

Other Credits: