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Synopsis: “Kintohpatatin(Justice)-Chéng (Honesty)” is a collaborative Indigenous-settler co-created short film borne out of friendship, respect, understanding, and trust. Through juxtaposing stunning natural and experimental split-screen visuals, auto-biographical haikus and reflections on Indigenous natural law, we explore principles of honesty and justice amidst the realities that impact our lives as Indigenous and migrant peoples on Turtle Island. We invite viewers to examine their stance on past, current and future Indigenous-settler relationality. Logline: Co-created through textural auto-biographical haikus and justice-seeking storytelling, "Kintohpatatin(Justice)-Chéng (Honesty)" compels viewers to examine Indigenous-settler relations encompassing the historical, relational, socio-legal, political, environmental and the self. Audio and Visual Treatment: This collaborative visual bricolage offers stunning natural and experimental visuals and split-screens, which are paired with Indigenous drumming by Baedek, which signifies the heartbeat amongst many Indigenous communities, and original composition by Stephen Laing.

Duration: 00:05:59
Country of Origin: Canada
Language: English

Director(s): Christian Hui, Andrea Baedek

Writer(s): Andrea Baedek, Christian Hui

Producer(s): Christian Hui, Andrea Baedek

Key Cast: Andrea Baedek, Christian Hui

Other Credits: