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AWICHA (Grandmother)

The plot unfolds in two timelines, intertwining the life of Melchor, a child in the ancestral community of Sampaya, and his adult life as a baker in the city. Melchor is the last baker of his community, and his grandfather, also a baker in his time, passes down to him the ancestral secrets of the trade. In the past, we see Melchor's grandfather kneading bread in the community oven while experiencing mysterious visions. The grandfather teaches him the importance of connecting with their ancestors. In the present day, adult Melchor faces migraines and strange hallucinations in his bakery. Melchor finds himself in conflict against an unknown horror that only he and his grandfather know. He decides to stop worshiping this entity and rebels, paying with his life for this brave revelation.

Duration: 00:16:37
Country of Origin: Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Language: Other

Director(s): Marcelo Javier Ajpi (HUARI)

Writer(s): Marcelo Javier Ajpi Jalja

Producer(s): Mónica Poma Chacolla

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Cinematographer: Miguel Pattzi Villavicencio; Director's Assistant: Sofia Leyton Garate; Director's Art: Victor Mamani; Sound: David Castillo