Selected Film

The Capoeristas

A group of Chicagoans bond over capoeira, a brazilian martial art, and explore how it has connected them with their community and with their heritage.

Duration: 00:04:54
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English

Director(s): Mariel Mudrik

Writer(s): Mwendwa Ivuso Mule

Producer(s): Nicolas Kim, Ryan Deitch

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Editor: Bella Latenser; Camera Operator: Nathan Goswick, Ryan Deitch; Colorist: Nathan Goswick; Sound Mixer & Boom Operator: Chuck Howes; Assistant Director: Francis Locascio; Animator: Francis Locascio; Music Arranger: Denise Teixeira, Guilherme Jesus; FX: João Ferrarezi; Foley: João Scudeler; Mixer: Lukas Probst