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Parts of Someone Else - Short Film Documentary

"Parts of Someone Else" is an emotive documentary short film that immerses us in the director's personal archive to explore the powerful influence that other people have on the construction of our identity. Through photographs and home videos, the short offers a profound reflection on how our interactions with others, even those we only know through memories, contribute to shaping who we are. As the director navigates this introspective journey, they embark on an exciting quest to discover the significance of human connections in our own history. "Parts of Someone Else" is a moving exploration of the interconnection of lives and a celebration of the relationships that shape our existence.

Duration: 00:11:20
Country of Origin: Colombia
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Juan Pablo Rendón

Writer(s): Juan Pablo Rendón

Producer(s): Juan Pablo Rendón

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Thanks to: Sarai Marulanda, Daniel Santiago Cortes, Daniel Suárez, Alejandro Alvarez; Music Composed by: Esteban Sanchéz