Selected Film

La Lucha

LOGLINE La Lucha unflinchingly documents a gruelling protest by people with disabilities in Bolivia. The protesters push their wheelchairs over the Andes in a relentless fight for their rights, refusing to back down in a true David vs Goliath struggle. SYNOPSIS Fed up with being ignored and facing widespread discrimination and poverty, a group of people with disabilities in Bolivia decide to take a stand, with Rose Mery, Feliza, Marcelo, and Micky leading the way. They launch a protest that grows into a movement, determined to be heard. They embark on a grueling journey, pushing their wheelchairs 260 miles over the Andean mountains to reach the capital city of La Paz. But their struggle doesn't end there - they must also confront a government willing to use violence to silence their demands. Through it all, they remain resolute and refuse to back down in a true David vs Goliath struggle.

Duration: 01:30:00
Country of Origin: United States
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Violeta Ayala

Writer(s): Violeta Ayala, Daniel Fallshaw

Producer(s): Daniel Fallshaw, Violeta Ayala, Redelia Shaw

Key Cast: Marcelo Vasquez, Feliza Ali, Rose Mery Guarita, Miguel Mamani

Other Credits: Composer: Hankel Bellido