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The Dream Fisher

After spending 35 years in America, the film director Lamberto Morris returns to his native Italy to present his latest work. Lamberto is going through a crucial moment in his life: he broke up with his wife Wendy and feels dissatisfied with his professional career. Lamberto is received by his two childhood friends: Rogo and Valeria, who have organized a film festival for him in Castiglione del Lago, so that he can present his work, but his passion and obsession with cinema prevent him from thinking clearly. . Instead of feeling excited, he feels an enormous emptiness due to the absence of Wendy in his life. His friends notice Lamberto's sadness and will make him remember his roots and thus flourish again in life; speaking to him in the only language he understand... the language of cinema.

Duration: 01:59:00
Country of Origin: Mexico
Language: English, Italian

Director(s): Roberto Valdes

Writer(s): Roberto Valdes

Producer(s): Roberto Valdes, Gianluca Brundo

Key Cast: Gianluca Brundo, Silvia Fiorentini, Gabriele Valentini

Other Credits: