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This is not Norway

Eugenia's husband, before his death, made it clear that he wanted to be honored with a Viking funeral. What the good man did not imagine is that his sons, Jorge and Nico, were going to perpetrate something that has little of funeral and much less of Viking.

Duration: 00:18:18
Country of Origin: Spain
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Alicia Albares, Paco Cavero

Writer(s): Alicia Albares, Paco Cavero

Producer(s): Alberto Díaz, Nacho Solana, Álex Samaranch

Key Cast: Jordi Aguilar, María Garralón, Raúl Fernández de Pablo, Estrella Olariaga, Alba Bersabé

Other Credits: DOP: Juan González Guerrero AEC; Music: Carme Rodríguez