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Fun fact: Almonds are not a nut.

In the heartwarming tale of my moms homemade granola, I reflect on the passage of time and the evolution of self while helping my mom make her signature treat. Each ingredient stirs memories of childhood innocence and moments of growth. From playful ballerinas on a silver tin to pondering life's uncertainties, the granola-making process becomes a metaphor for the journey from childhood to adulthood. As the granola comes together, so does the realization that identity is not defined by past or future, but by embracing the present and accepting oneself, quirks and all. The aroma of the granola becomes more than just a scent; it symbolizes the warmth of home and the comfort of self-discovery.

Duration: 00:02:42
Country of Origin: Ecuador
Language: English

Director(s): Samantha Estefania Burgos

Writer(s): Samantha Estefania Burgos

Producer(s): Samantha Estefania Burgos

Key Cast: Silvana Clara Montufar

Other Credits: