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The wonderful agave cocui

This film explores the close relationship between the Couci plant and the human race. Where the peoples of the Lara-Falcon region fight for their traditions, while it threatens to modify cultural, medical, and spiritual values.

Duration: 01:10:00
Country of Origin: Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Héctor Puche

Writer(s): Héctor Puche, Joanna Cadenas, Sergio Marcano

Producer(s): Miguel Pérez, Héctor Puche

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Director of Photography: Héctor Puche, Anebert Rivero; Edition: Sergio Marcano; Sound: Miguel Pérez, Jhonatan Bautista, Héctor Puche; Sound Mix: Javier Marin; Music: Javier Marin