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Día de muertos

The glorious death, revered ando suffered, remembered and feared, is glorify by Destiny cause it's the only sure end and an eternal companionship after his arrival. Camila after a couple months from the loss of her parents, she continues the mourning right in the day of the dead season, the national traditions than adorn colorfully and festively the streets do not make justice to loneliness, impontence and pain that is felt by her losses. Camila walks away from the world trying to overcome his mourning but the only thing she gets from this is to get deeper in her pain, unleashing with this a strong fear to dying. What happens after death? Is there eternal life on heaven? If so... When does it ends? What if we come back to life? When is this cycle ends? And if we just die and that's it? What will happen with me? What will happen to what I see, what I hear, what I feel and think? What will happen with My soul?

Duration: 01:40:00
Country of Origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish

Director(s): José Medina

Writer(s): José Medina

Producer(s): José Medina, Aydee Dominguez

Key Cast: Gabriela Montiel, Ishbel Mata, Quetzali Cortes

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