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Bloom is a story that brings together fantasy and drama about a lonely witch named Dalia who seeks to prove that she is one of the best witches in the world. but in her her journey of casting spells she comes to have several problems that make her doubt if she is a good witch. however the person she admires so much fills her with love and courage at all times so that she never gives up. so the witch Dalia always finds a way to overcome and move forward no matter what happens.

Duration: 00:03:44
Country of Origin: Chile
Language: English, Spanish

Director(s): María Angélica Millacura

Writer(s): María Angélica Millacura, Pascal Antonia Segovia, Sebastián Salinas, Emilia Orellana

Producer(s): María Angélica Millacura, Pascal Antonia Segovia

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