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He told us the sky is blue

In "He Told Us the Sky is Blue," Cecilia Mellieon, an Indigenous filmmaker, embarks on an autoethnographic exploration rooted in multidisciplinary research, delving into her family's narrative. This ethnographic film navigates themes of intergenerational trauma, cultural identity, and the enduring impact of colonialism on Indigenous communities. Through the lens of resilience and healing, the narrative paints a poignant picture of the complexities inherent in the contemporary Indigenous experience. This deeply personal journey serves as a foundation for the film's multidisciplinary approach, weaving together oral history, visual anthropology, and a profound exploration of cultural dynamics.

Duration: 00:55:16
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English

Director(s): Cecilia Mellieon



Key Cast:

Other Credits: Advisor: Peter Biella, Leonard Kamerling; Collaborator: Jacob Ortiz, Sheila Brown, Isa Ortiz, Tatihn Mellieon