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Casa is a reflective exploration of one’s relationship between one’s past and present through the personal narrative of my Familia Serra. Following my brother (Claudio), the eldest of the siblings, we explore how immigrating at the age 18 separated him from the life that was left behind, and ultimately continued without him. I embarked on a journey with Claudio, as we reflected on his roots and how, at 35 years old, his past effects his day to day. Separation, be it geographical, temporal or even mortal, ultimately: can be useful in highlighting the resilience and growth of a family and the individual. Casa’s foundation is to support you in reflecting on the importance of your own resilience and growth, and cherishing every element that forms your identity and being.

Duration: 00:12:23
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Language: English, Portuguese

Director(s): Jose Manuel Alves Serra

Writer(s): Jose Manuel Alves Serra

Producer(s): Jose Manuel Alves Serra

Key Cast: Jose Manuel Castelo Serra, Delfina Maria Canha Alves Serra, Claudio Jose Alves Serra, Ana Sofia Alves Serra, João Rita

Other Credits: