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Frontera tells the story of Ayelen, a Mapuche girl - a native people of southern Chile - who lives in a rural area of the Araucanía region in 1905. Her life is transformed by the arrival of the Italian Gamboni family on the other side of the river. A beautiful and spontaneous friendship is born between Ayelen and the little Francesco Gamboni, but it is hindered by cultural differences and prejudices between the two families.

Duration: 00:23:00
Country of Origin: Chile
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Bernardita Ojeda, Cristián Freire, Francisco Arévalo

Writer(s): Luis Vicente Fresno, Francisca Feuerhake, Rafael Gumucio

Producer(s): Francisco Arévalo

Key Cast: Úrsula Campos, Carola Carstens, Patricia Cuyul, Roberto Cayuqueo, Alessandra Guerzoni

Other Credits: