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In this cartographic documentary, young residents of Ferreira Gomes, a rural municipality in Amapá (Amazonia) that is home to 3 hydroelectric plants, give testimonials about the electricity service in the State. Through their lenses, angles and looks, young people narrate the reality of living with a lack of energy in a place where supply should be constant.

Duration: 00:17:00
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese

Director(s): Alerrando Pelaes Marques, Ana Beatriz Costa de Souza, Fernando de Carvalho Vaz, Gustavo Almeida dos Anjos, Deivid Souza Brazão, Ingrid Carol Maia dos Santos, Joabe Barata do Carmo, Maiane Estefany Rocha Fernandes, Manoel Vicente Cruz da Costa, Maria Fernanda Sanches, Zaquias dos Santos Pereira, Vitória Nascimento Farias

Writer(s): Natalie Lima Hornos, Lara Beck

Producer(s): Marco Rubio

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Executive Producer: Natalie Lima Hornos; Co-Director: Natalie Lima Hornos, Lara Beck; Cinematographer: Gabriel Teixeira; Post-production: Lara Beck