Selected Film

Waves on the water

Maria Antonia is excited about the grand skating competition and the possibility that she wins. Cristian and Valentina talk in the press lab about the next article of their university magazine. Andrés, Sergio and Mauricio are in the town hall wondering how to repair their reputation. Only one thing connect them all: The water of the town.

Duration: 00:17:34
Country of Origin: Colombia
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Paula Alejandra Sánchez Salcedo

Writer(s): Paula Alejandra Sánchez Salcedo

Producer(s): Juliana Vanegas Restrepo

Key Cast: Jaison Guarín, Tatiana Romo, Alejandro Tamayo, Mauricio Arroyave, Carlos Pérez, Danna Pantoja

Other Credits: