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Midnight Shine - Leather Skin

While Midnight Shine’s third music video - Leather Skin - was released in 2019, the idea for it was inspired back in 2000… that’s when Midnight Shine frontman Adrian Sutherland saw the beach video for Coldplay’s hit song Yellow, and dreamed of one day making a video of his own on the beautiful desolate beaches near his Northern Canadian home. So that’s exactly what he did. Adrian, his wife Judy, a video crew of three, and a boat filled with production gear took off from the isolated Cree community of Attawapiskat, heading north to the frigid open waters of the James Bay. After 90 minutes by boat they reached the shoreline of the Twin Islands – a place that’s rugged, remote and uninhabited by humans, in a region unknown to most Canadians. With footage from the Twin Islands intercut with shots on the dusty dusky streets of Attawapiskat, the video is meant to show both sides of Adrian’s life – the pursuit of music in the contemporary world, juxtaposed with a simple traditional Indigenous life out on the land. His favourite place. Most serendipitous of all, was some unexpected unseasonal weather that ended up tying the music video all together in the most unbelievable way… resulting in what just might be the "coolest" and most remote rock video ever shot…

Duration: 00:03:50
Country of Origin: Canada
Language: English

Director(s): Cliff Hokanson & RoseAnna Schick

Writer(s): N/A

Producer(s): RoseAnna Schick

Key Cast: Adrian Sutherland

Other Credits: