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La sombra de la ceiba

On the outskirts of the town of Cumanayagua in Cuba, Feguenson, a young Haitian filmmaker, met Armando Abril, a 58-year-old practitioner of the Afro-Cuban Palo Monte cult. Armando lives alone and offers his service as a "Transporter" to people who wish to communicate with the dead, the spirits. The two share their daily lives and one day Feguenson asked Armando to help him communicate with his maternal grandfather Dolciné Jean, a former voodoo priest who died 11 years ago. The film narrates the encounter and the complicity between a man with a lot of experience and supposed occult knowledge and a naive young man, in a journey to the universe of "Palo Monte", close to the Haitian voodoo, where the border between the real and the imaginary merges.

Duration: 00:13:29
Country of Origin: Haiti

Director(s): Feguenson Hermogène

Writer(s): Feguenson Hermogène

Producer(s): Feguenson HermogèneA

Key Cast: Almando Abril

Other Credits: