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Luca is a student at the music conservatory, he is working on his last project before finishing his studies. As the days go by, Luca senses that something is wrong. Every time he reaches a place, it’s impossible for him to remember how he got there. Luca realizes that every time he thinks about his future, he gets into such a state of anxiety that he loses track of time. Luca will try to get out of this loop by trying to focus on what he loves most: music.

Duration: 00:06:50
Country of Origin: Italy
Language: Italian

Director(s): Romano Marques

Writer(s): Romano Marques


Key Cast: Gabriele Pinto, Simone Pascale

Other Credits: Director of Photography: Francesco Cervone; Music Score: Francesco D'Acunzi; Assistant Director: Antonio Perretta; Editing: Luigi Tomasino; Continuity Girl: Nadia Carfora