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Soul Suburbia

Mid-1990s, coastal city. Clara and Miguel are two lonely people who meet. Luis and Viviana are a married couple dealing with their teenage son, Marcos. Lorena is a naive young girl. The sea and the sand will witness how these ordinary lives are intertwined by the threads of destiny as they lay bare their truth.

Duration: 01:41:00
Country of Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Claudio Santorelli

Writer(s): Claudio Santorelli

Producer(s): Claudio Santorelli, Maximiliano Zurraco

Key Cast: Loren Acuña, Claudio Santorelli, Marijo Galvan, Fabian Petroni, Barbara Pombo, Taiu Iosovich, Daniela Policicchio

Other Credits: