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Boyacá decade of the 80. José a peasant boy, a cycling fan has the opportunity to see in person Emilio his favorite runner, who competes in the Classical of the West. Just 3 kilometers to the end of the stage, José must overcome various obstacles in his old bicycle to enjoy the cycling party. 3 Kilometers, 2 bikes, 1 passion. A story that speaks of Boyacá, a land with mountains full of bits and pieces and a sport where man and machine are one.

Duration: 00:07:58
Country of Origin: Colombia
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Luber Yesid Zuñiga Ordoñez

Writer(s): Luber Yesid Zuñiga Ordoñez

Producer(s): Laura Alejandra Ochoa Ruiz , Jorge Yesidt Vela Forigua

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Fotografia : Mauricio Vidal ; Arte: Diana Marcela Camargo Soler