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My beautiful little house

Luz Marina Ramírez is a former cyclist who finished her sports career towards the end of the 80s to go and build her house in Ciudad Bolívar. The remembrance of the self-construction process of her house takes us through a historical journey that contrasts archive images that she herself has captured among documents, photographs and video, with current scenarios to give us samples of the town's urban development. The commitment that Luzma has discovered throughout these years with the construction of memory connects her life story with the social, economic and cultural development that reflects her territory.

Duration: 00:08:00
Country of Origin: Colombia
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Luber Yesid Zúñiga Ordóñes

Writer(s): Luber Yesid Zúñiga Ordóñes, Andrea Montenegro Daza

Producer(s): Luz Marina Ramirez Faustino, Jorge Yesidt Vela Forigua

Key Cast:

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