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APÍACITY - Capítulo 1: La Vida por los Trapos

This episode passionately immerses itself in the world of Apía's football clubs, represented by the fervent followers of teams such as Atlético Nacional, Deportivo Pereira and América de Cali. Beyond being a sport, football is revealed as a profound form of cultural expression and community unity. Throughout the chapter, the traditions rooted in these bars were explored, as well as the way in which football has woven intergenerational ties, shaping a unique identity for Apía.

Duration: 00:48:47
Country of Origin: Colombia
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Juan Andrés Raigosa López

Writer(s): Juan Andrés Raigosa López, Lucciana PIco Puerta

Producer(s): Juan Andrés Raigosa López

Key Cast: Julán Darío Grajales Aguirre, Juan David Cañas, Brayan Steven Yépez, Heiner Cano, Héctor Iván Correo, Elizabeth Corrales Mafla, Cristian Camilo Calle, Jhoany Ramírez Osorio, Rodrigo Rodas, Sebastián Hincapié, Erika Pérez, Edwin Restrepo, Manuel Alejandro Bermúdez, Jorge Puerta, Maria Camila Álvarez

Other Credits: