Selected Film

4.0 The last question

One of the last survivors of an AI robot apocalypse finds herself a prisoner in one of the last places where robots have arrived. She must find a way to break the robot's system to release her, asking her one last question. But she must be careful what words she uses. This short film has been made to present at the Detour Festival, with the proposal of making a short film in 1 take in less than 5 minutes, knowing the theme of 2023 with two months of time, in this case, SCI FI.

Duration: 00:05:00
Country of Origin: Uruguay
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Juan Pablo Bornio

Writer(s): Juan Pablo Bornio

Producer(s): Juan Pablo Bornio, Marcelo López, Vanessa Larrosa

Key Cast: Jimena Ramos

Other Credits: Makeup: Miguel Torena; Sound: Juan Pablo Bornio; VFX & CGI: Juan Pablo Bornio