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In modern times, humans are increasingly distanced from the natural world. However, there remains a dedicated group of individuals who choose to reconnect with Mother Nature. These people, known as 'Riders of Nature' through their involvement in extreme sports, forge a unique human-nature bond that fills their daily lives with joy. Their commitment extends beyond personal fulfillment, as they actively strive to address environmental threats, hoping for a more prosperous future for our planet. This group of athletes shares a common goal: to continue enjoying the untamed beauty of nature through action sports. This is their story, detailing how they came to be Riders of Nature and how this transformation has positively impacted both their lives and society at large.

Duration: 00:20:00
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Language: English

Director(s): Edgar Del Toro

Writer(s): Edgar Ivan Del toro

Producer(s): Christian Perez

Key Cast: Edgar Ivan Del toro

Other Credits: Cast: Alfredo Abreu, Antonio Esteban, Raquel Diaz, Joshua Holsteinson; Production asisstant: Adonais Contreras; DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Horacio Dalmau; EDITOR: Dominique Goris; Traditional Animation: Sebastian Rijo; Color grading: Cristina Cots; Sound mixer : Ivanna Martínez; sound asistant: Mario Despradel; Clapper loader: Alejandro Batista; Drone operator : Alberto Segura, Antonio Berges; BTS PHOTOS: Juan Brea, Rodrigo Vega, Mariu Santana; Gaffer : Jose angel Morel; Graphic Design: Sebastian Batista; Original songs (Bands): Löst, Ocean Lips; Music composer: Guillermo Martínez; GRIP: Oscar Morales