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Cacique Nalá is an urban indigenous woman representative of the Qom community in Argentina who has been fighting for years to make the indigenous worldview visible in education, medicine and culture.

Duration: 01:10:06
Country of Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Florencia Marina Romero

Writer(s): Florencia Marina Romero

Producer(s): Florencia Marina Romero

Key Cast: Clara Romero, Natalia Hochea

Other Credits: Film Editor: Aldana Chujman; Director of photography: Florencia Marina Romero; Sound Editing: Paula Montes; Color Correction: Macarena López Hernandorena; Music Soundtrack: Daniela Albamonte, Ezequiel Fonseca; Poster Creator: María Eugenia Godoy; Distributor: El Delirio Cine