Selected Film

Huellas (Footprints)

An immersive performance for one, "Huellas" is a work that honors the land and shares the teachings of our native neighbors. A moving prayer and meditation, the VR performance gives each guest an opportunity to be still and reflect on their contributions to this land and the legacy they wish to leave behind. Encapsulated within the last remaining hammocks in the city center of Miami, "Huellas" gives a glimpse to the past while inspiring us to be proactive stewards for the future.

Duration: 00:06:05
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English

Director(s): Sandra Lucia Portal-Andreu


Producer(s): Sandra Lucia Portal-Andreu

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Video: Maria Teresa Barbist; Sound Design: Joel Hernandez; Performer: Stephanie Bastos; Poet: Betty Osceola