Selected Film

Òsányín's Ewé: the secret of the leaves

A child is born with leaves on its body and her mother seeks healing. At school, however, the other children discriminate against her and she runs away to the forest! In the Caatinga, she meets enchanted beings of indigenous and black traditions and walks on an adventure of self-knowledge. Her search takes her to Òsányìn, the Orisà of the leaves, which presents the power of plants and the importance of environmental preservation.

Duration: 00:22:28
Country of Origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese

Director(s): Pâmela Peregrino

Writer(s): Pâmela Peregrino

Producer(s): Pâmela Peregrino, Alzení Tomáz, Sílvia Janayna Ilébomim

Key Cast: MAROON, Yuri Kevun, Janaina Truká-Tupan, Alzení Tomáz, Natália Froés

Other Credits: Musical Direction: MAROON; Sound Design: Anderson Barros; Photography: Pâmela Peregrino; Choreography: Natália Fróes; Stop Motion : Pâmela Peregrino, MAROON; 2D Animation: Filip Couto; Storyboard: Pâmela Peregrino, Erlane Rosa