Selected Film

Long awaited unexpected

After 10 years of adopting, karlos and Jonathan just receive the papers to sign so they can complete the adoption process they want so much. A difficult process and the obstacles that arise in your daily life.

Duration: 00:06:57
Country of Origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Cynthia Lorena Dueñas

Writer(s): Lorena Dueñas

Producer(s): Jonathan Almanza

Key Cast: Jonathan Almanza, Karlos Marquez

Other Credits: First assistent director: Luz María Guerrero; Art Director: Careli Herrera; Costume Designe: Regina Benavides; Make Up Designe: Dulce Guerrero, Jessica De Zenea; Cinematographic: Andres Saucedo; Gafer: Isaac Esquivel, Diego Aguirre; Still Photografic: Regina Benavides; Edithion: Gisele León, Cloe