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Amongst The Myrtle Trees

Amongst The Myrtle Trees is a 2D animated short film that centers around Camellia, a reverend's daughter in 1880's Mexico, and her struggle between following her heart and appeasing her father and his superstitious congregation. Magic thrives in the nooks and crannies of the woods surrounding her hometown, where Camellia meets in secret with Myrtle, the girl she loves. There's a reason they meet in secret, however; Myrtle is a mythical tree spirit called a dryad, and these are the very creatures Father's church preaches against. They fear their magic and condemn them, but Camellia doesn't want to hide anymore and plans on introducing Myrtle to Father and his congregation.

Duration: 00:05:33
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English

Director(s): Yisel Tapia, Carson Stringer



Key Cast:

Other Credits: Art Director: Netanya Carmona; Story Artists: Yisel Tapia, Carson Stringer, Lucille Hatfield; Visual Development Artists: Katie Zhang, Katarina Ayson; Animators: Yisel Tapia, Carson Stringer, Katie Zhang, Lucille Hatfield; Production Management: Carson Stringer, Yisel Tapia; Social Media Coordinator: Katarina Ayson; Volunteer Animators: Mak Archer, Melody Chiu, Phoebe Chou, Mon Curiel, Darrion Dollesin, Devon Ferguson, Xavier Garcia, Sophia Gemperle, Mio Gribskov, Lucille Hatfield, Alexa Hernandez, Lexi Johannessen, Timn Lam, Jin Limpanukorn, Annika Magbanua, Halka Motani, Jenielle Salarda, Daisha Sherman, Ray Takeda, Isabelle Tumboimbela, Camie Martinez, Kenneth Huynh, Thuy Du Tran, Bradley Williams, Francesca Jassir Noguera, Fiona Rieta, Jizelle Manolo; Volunteer Color Animation: Melody Chiu, Devon Ferguson, Lucille Hatfield, Nick Johnson, Felicia Le, Camie Martinez, Carson Stringer, Yisel Tapia, Hana Weissmann, Yume Weissmann; Volunteer Animator: Kenneth Huynh; Editor: Carson Stringer; Composer: Hector Torres; Musicians: Andrea Gutierrez, Thomas Andrew; Kickstarter Campaigning: Yisel Tapia, Katie Zhang; Advisors: Jeff Biancalana, Dave Chai, Colin Fix, Elissa Gonzales, Dave Yee, Chris Zollna; Myrtle Tier: Elizabeth Brenner, Giovanni Garcia, Rachel Shyr; Camellia Tier: Miracle Bui, Kelley Pedigo; Forget-Me-Not Tier: Zoe Ellington, Julia Luangrath, Christine Stringer, Cynthia Tapia, Yolanda Tapia, Hazel Darlene Thornhill, John Wiltshire-Butler