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The Warao of Upaon-Açu

The Warao break boundaries created by colonization, inhabit the city, inhabit the streets. They live on the riverbank, they live on the margins of society. Looking to the future, they sing to heal, love, dream and make it rain. In a peripheral São Luís, with its territorial ancestry, a space is retaken. And they celebrate a new ally, the sea of Brazilian.

Duration: 00:21:21
Country of Origin: Not Specified
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Priscila Tapajowara

Writer(s): Carlos Eduardo Magalhães, Priscila Tapajowara

Producer(s): Carlos Eduardo Magalhães

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Sound: Caio Tupã; Mix sound: Thais Oliveira; Color: Marcelo Krowczuk