Selected Film

Once upon a time in Huasco Alto

In a place in northern Chile where oral tradition, myths and history are mixed in a single mysterious universe, four stories take place surrounded by emotion, music and local identity.

Duration: 01:41:19
Country of Origin: Chile
Language: Other, Spanish

Director(s): Polo Cortés, José Guerrero Urzua

Writer(s): Polo Cortés

Producer(s): Polo Cortés, José Guerrero Urzúa

Key Cast: Koke Santa Ana, Francia Cortés, Maria José Araya, Mauricio Alfaro, Felipe Escuti, Shirley Ramos, Rodrigo Escuti, Catalina Robles, Colomba Robles, José Guerrero Urzúa, Christian Herrera

Other Credits: Music: Polo Cortés; Cameras: Polo Cortés; Edition: Polo Cortés