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Damián (11) is separated from a negligent and violent family, and taken to live in a children's home by state intervention. Accompanied by Leandro, a social worker with a personal story similar to his, the boy will have to accept that his previous life is behind him and will not return, and that despite the anger he feels, it is still possible to build a new beginning. where there is room to not feel so alone.

Duration: 01:25:00
Country of Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish




Key Cast:

Other Credits: Elenco - Cast: Vito Contini Brea, Diego Cremonesi, Eva Bianco; Guion - Script: Arturo Castro Godoy; Dirección - Direction: Arturo Castro Godoy; Producción - Producer: Paula Rodríguez; Fotografía - Cinematography: Maximiliano Wendler; Sonido - Sound: Jesica Suarez; Arte - Production Design: Florencia Wehbe; Montaje - Editing: Eliane Doctorovich Katz