Selected Film

Itu Ninu

In the not-so-distant future of 2084, Ángel finds himself trapped as a climate migrant in an unspecified smart city, under constant surveillance. Amidst a bleak and oppressive existence, Ángel makes a living by cultivating plants, preserving the fading wisdom of seeds. Within this desolate landscape he crosses paths with Sofia, another climate migrant who works at a recycling facility. Fate intertwines their lives when a chance encounter reveals an unexpected connection: a shared language. Fueling Ángel's longing for human connection and a glimmer of hope, he reaches out to Sofia. Aware of the omnipresent digital monitoring, Ángel decides to communicate with her through the timeless medium of pen and paper, fostering an intimate, clandestine bond. As their secret correspondence unfolds, a friendship grows between Ángel and Sofia as does their desire for liberation from excessive control.

Duration: 01:12:00
Country of Origin: Mexico
Language: Other

Director(s): Itandehui Jansen

Writer(s): Armando Bautista García

Producer(s): Armando Bautista García

Key Cast: Alejandra Herrera

Other Credits: Music Composer: Enrica Sciandrone; Colour Grading: Stephen C. Horne