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The days we lived

After a month of activity that has left thousands evacuated and hundreds of houses destroyed, the inhabitants of the Aridane Valley (La Palma, Canary Islands) try to live with a volcano that continues its destructive advance and whose end does not seem near. As the lava sculpts a new landscape, it also transforms its inhabitants, turning their lives upside down and then rebuilding them from the ashes. Journalists, emergency services, scientists, tourists and neighbors come together in endless scenarios and everyday situations. Their stories portray an unusual time and space where Nature has placed humans at their feet who look uncertainly at their future and try to recover their place in the world.

Duration: 01:49:00
Country of Origin: Spain
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Chus Barrera, Pablo Barrio

Writer(s): Pablo Barrio, Chus Barrera

Producer(s): Televisión Pública de Canarias S.A, Siroco Producciones

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