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Argentine women whose lives are crossed by a painful fact in common: their children were sent to the Malvinas war and did not return. They don't know each other. The dialogue between them comes from a reflection of the director who has gone looking for them. In the act of saying and being heard, what resounds after so much time moves the axis of the war to the off-screen and puts the particular feelings of each one in the center of the scene. The film travels inside these four intimacies that are reinvented in a context of maternity-dispossession.

Duration: 01:16:00
Country of Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Jimena Chaves

Writer(s): Jimena Chaves, Carmina López

Producer(s): Pamela Carlino

Key Cast: Elma Pelozo, Gonaria Soru, María del Carmen Penón, Emilia Fernandez

Other Credits: