Selected Film

The City of Caesars

Daniela wanders around Santiago de Chile, in search of "The City of Caesars", a strange Chilean film that is missing. She meets Bárbara and Manuel, who admit her to the bohemia of Santiago. The search for the film will generate new discoveries. Music and friendship will be the pillars of her memory.

Duration: 01:43:15
Country of Origin: Chile
Language: Spanish

Director(s): Lucho Villegas

Writer(s): Lucho Venegas, Butaca Martínez

Producer(s): Páris Golott, Carlos Navarro Clavería

Key Cast: Elisa Osorio, Carmen Brito, Hernan Cubillos

Other Credits: Productora: El Jardín del Pulpo; Edition: Lucho Villegas, Paris Golott; Direction Assistant: Páris Golott; Cinematography: Joaquín Cacciuttolo; Cameras: Andrés Ovalle, Joaquín Cacciuttolo; Sound Design: Joaquín Ugaz