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Goro and the Star

While looking for a place to shelter from a storm, a family of gorillas is attacked while their habitat is destroyed by mysterious forces. A small survivor remains for decades wandering through a fantastic forest seeking revenge.

Duration: 00:09:40
Country of Origin: Colombia
Language: No Dialogue

Director(s): Adrián Xavier Guerrero

Writer(s): Adrián Xavier Guerrero, Claudia Amador

Producer(s): Adrián Xavier Guerrero

Key Cast:

Other Credits: Animators: Adrián Xavier Guerrero, Jonathan Salazar; Soryboard: Claudia Amador, Daniela Jimenez; Production designers: Adrián Xavier Guerrero, Danela Jimenez, Jonathan Salazar; Background Artists: Adrián Xavier Guerrero, Daniela Jimenez, Jonathan Salazar